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Marriage Underdogs

Did you and your spouse overcome and defy the odds of divorce to make your marriage work? If your marriage took a hit and you made it through a rocky season, then you are Marriage Underdogs!

Chris and his wife Shauntay met over 18 years ago, when they were both broke college students and their families were completely against their relationship. Despite having a baby while attending two colleges three hours apart, they still managed to WIN at marriage!


In this inspiring program, Chris will take you and your partner down a journey of reflection, introspection, and connection as you work through your own personal marriage underdog story.

Audience Members Will…

Master the art of forgiveness and overcoming setbacks

Develop clear boundaries and expectations

Manage relationship assets, liabilities, weaknesses and threats

Gain communication skills designed to create win/win outcomes

Perfect for:

Marriage Underdogs is designed to be offered in a retreat or workshop setting for married, engaged, dating, or cohabitating couples.

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Finding Your Relationship Fix

Repairing Personal and Professional Relationships

You can’t take past words or actions back, but you can learn from your mistakes, and show up better next time in your relationships. Most of the issues you have with your spouse, friends, and co-workers started off as small miscommunications that went unprocessed.


As an expert marriage counselor, conflict resolution specialist, and mediator, Chris will teach you and your team how to move past all types of relationship conflicts.

Audience Members Will…

Uncover the four feelings required to building healthy relationships

Gain tools designed to help you repair fragile or
damaged relationships

Develop the skills you need to effectively have “the hard” conversations

Prevent small issues or misunderstands from
becoming BIG problems

Perfect for:

Employee Retention

Team Building

Student/Staff Orientations

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Positive Masculinity

Celebrating Healthy Manhood and Fatherhood

Qualities like being strong, brave, ambitious, a good provider, protector, and leader are all positive traits of solid men which typically are associated with healthy masculinity.

However, in an effort to combat intimate partner violence (IPV), masculinity has been given a bad name. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that one in three women in their lifetime will be a victim of IPV. This has prompted feminist groups to unfortunately paint masculinity as an identifiable trait of an abuser which is not true for all men who present as masculine. 

Audience Members Will…

Debunk the myth that ALL masculinity is toxic

Explore how to use masculine energy to protect and provide

Prevent domestic violence and abusive behaviors

Discover healthy ways to express difficult emotions like anger

Perfect for:


Violence Prevention

Sports Teams/Fraternities

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Expecting the Expected

Managing Beliefs, Mastering Thoughts, and Measuring Emotions

Emotions are great servants but poor masters, and that’s why it takes work to learn how to rewire your thoughts and beliefs. Your life experiences and family of origins passed down to you from caretakers are the foundational blocks that define the root causes for most of your actions.


After you learn how to control your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, you will then be able to “expect the expected” positive outcomes you will manifest into your life and work teams.

Audience Members Will…

Develop strategies to overcome “thinking errors” such as mindreading and blame

Gain techniques to master your thoughts and emotions

Install accountability without using fear or intimidation

Perfect for:

Leadership Development

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Mental Health