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Chris A. Matthews

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Chris is the founder and owner of Relationship Counseling Group, PLLC and Behavioral Health Intervention Center, LLC, which are two mental health practices based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Chris is a licensed marriage and family therapist, (LMFT), licensed clinical addiction specialist, (LCAS), certified clinical supervisor (CCS), Certified Life Coach, Anger Management Specialist (CAMS-I) and approved supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). He’s also been featured on Good DAY DC, PIX11's New York Living, Black Enterprise, and NPR radio.  Chris holds both a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. For more than almost two decades, Chris has worked in a variety of settings providing counseling, coaching, and training to a diverse population of couples, organizations, and leaders. When Chris is not working, he spends his time with his wife and their three children. Chris’s hobbies include traveling, mountain biking, cooking, hiking, and journaling.

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Chris's Story

 When Chris was in his sophomore year off college, he and his girlfriend, now wife, unexpectedly got pregnant while they were pursuing degrees at two separate universities, three hours apart.  After Chris entered fatherhood young, broke, and unprepared, he looked his newborn son in the eyes and made a promise to “show up”.  In that moment Chris divorced his victim mindset and married accountability. That decision continues to drive Chris daily to succeed as a husband, father, and entrepreneur.  Chris attributes his success and the person he is today to the counselors and spiritual advisors that helped him to successfully conquer his demons, which came in the form of substance using behaviors, self-doubt, shame, and a lack of accountability for his personal choices.  After Chris did his own self work, he was then called to join the field of counseling and that is where his passion to serve others that need assistance with their relationships and mental health shines the brightest. 

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Event Planner Testimonial 

“ I want to emphasizes the transformative capacity Chris has as an expert, thought leader, and speaker."
- Christian

Event Attendee Testimonial 

“Chris is superpersonal and relatable, he engages the crowd and makes you feel non threaten and welcomed.
- Retreat Attendee

Relationship Testimonial 

“I wish we would have come across Chris and his materials before we got married.”
- Ashley

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