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Marriage Counseling

As a husband for almost two decades, I believe in marriage, I believe in love, and more importantly I believe if two people are committed to each other, they both can have a successful loved filled marriage if they are willing to do the work in marriage counseling.

Marriage counseling is ideal for couples who are currently married, engaged, or who are in a committed relationship and would like to consider marriage in the future. Your marriage is a sacred union that requires both you and your partner to lean on more than just the love you share if you want your relationship to last a lifetime. Marriage requires that you both do the work needed to communicate successfully, make joint decisions, and ensure that your needs get met.


Even if you currently have a great relationship that is problem free, you and your partner can still reap the benefits of marriage counseling. Some couples wait until the problems have existed for several years prior to attending marriage therapy, thinking they could fix the issues themselves or that the problems would magically go away over time. This is the reason why some couples report not getting the most out of the marriage counseling process. The best time for you to attend marriage counseling is before the problems become so huge that you are contemplating a divorce or breakup.

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