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Radio Show

Marriage Underdogs 

Chris A. Matthews, licensed marriage counselor and relationship coach "reintroduces himself" to the world as a marriage underdog.  In this show Chris shares how he met his wife and their journey to marriage as underdogs. 

Navigating the stages and phases of marriage.

Special guest and friend of the show Sal Davis joins us to share his experiences  navigating the different stages and phases of marriage.  Sal drops some really good insight on keeping your marriage together after the birth of a child and while your spouse goes back to school. 

How are your relationships being impacted by your parents divorce?

Chris sits down with cognitive behavioral and youth developmental specialist Frank Brady to discuss the impact of divorce on children.  Chris and Frank will also talk about how relationship partners who come from households with divorce or never married parents can bring undealt with baggage into new relationships. 

What questions should you ask  before saying "I do" 

Tech entrepreneur and attorney Issa Hall breaks down the questions you need to ask before  marriage. Issa shares the #1 question all relationship partners need to consider when deciding on if marriage is the right next step for your relationship. 

Keeping your sexlife alive so your relationship can thrive

In this show you will hear from Licensed Marriage Counselor Emily Burke breakdown what women need in order to freely attend to their partners sexual desires. Emily shares first hand how to keep the fire alive in the bedroom so your marriage can thrive. 

How can you tell if your marriage is unfixable? 

Sal Davis, author and marriage counselor is back once again to share the signs and symptoms  that may indicate your marriage or relationship is beyond the point of repair. 

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